Start-Up Program

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a program for those students and staff who want to explore the possibility of setting up their own business. This program encompasses two ten-week periods in which in the first ten weeks the feasibility and opportunities related to the proposed business ideas are explored. Using validated methods we assist and help students and staff to explore the potential of their idea, fine-tune their idea, provide access to business experts, and provide insight into the reality of starting their own business.

In the following ten weeks these potential entrepreneurs are challenged to put their words into actions as we assist them in making their business idea a reality. Market validation is key in these second ten week. Aims of these 10 weeks include making the first sale, creating a working prototype, establishing the network required, and setting up the day-to-day operations. While the first ten weeks consist of an established program with clear steps and milestones, the milestones of the second ten weeks are dependent on the situation of the respective start-ups. As such this program is a tailor-made program based on the needs and wants of your particular start-up. Both programs can be followed separately or as a 20 week program and are extra-curricular in nature.

Start date of our first batch will be January 2020. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Maastricht University’s initiative to help startups thrive across campus. With our partners, we provide education, connections, and best practices to enable students and researchers to build and deploy their ideas.